Kris & Denise Rotonda

We're Dog Lovers

Kris Rotonda has loved dogs since he got his first puppy at age eight—a little poodle named Rocky. Rocky and Kris are still together, and over the years, Kris has added a few more furry friends to his family, Coco and Kobe—two adorable cuties an

ex-girlfriend cruelly left behind—and Kris’s “girl”, Jordan, a big lovable Shepard mix who spent more than three years in a shelter cage before he rescued her.


When Kris met Denise a few years ago, she’d never owned or even been around dogs before. But once everyone got to know each other, they all fell in love and formed a new “pack.”


The PupPot eventually came about as a result of always wanting to give Rocky, Kobe, Coco and Jordan the very best of everything. “We’ve always cooked for them, says, Kris. “The PupPot is truly is a labor of love and a tribute to my dogs.”

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A Recipe For Success

Prior to meeting Denise, as the owner of four dogs, dating and finding true love had always been a challenge for Kris. “It is tough. Not every woman likes dogs or understands the type of dedicated relationship that dog owners have with their pets. I love my dogs and I’ve made a commitment to them. They’re dependent on me, so they’re my first priority.”


Since Kris struggled with finding that right match, he thought other dog owners might be experiencing the same dilemma. He began working on creating the very first dating site for dog owners,


Making An Online Connection That Clicks

The PupPot can help you fill your best friend’s belly with safe and healthy delicious food. If you’re single and searching for that perfect match—who loves dogs as much as you do— can help you fill your heart.


Joining the You Must Love Dogs Dating community could be your chance at making a connection that will last a lifetime. A connection for you and your dog is what it has to offer; your perfect companion is out searching for you right now!

Kris & Denise

It was while putting the dating site together that Kris was lucky enough to meet Denise and fall in love. After launching the dating website, the two collaborated on creating a special doggy cooking show for YouTube called the Doggy Cooking Network—where Denise’s inventive recipes and the couple’s playful antics while cooking garnered them a unique following. But, while the cooking show helped people learn how to cook for their dogs, and introduced some people to the dating site, it wasn’t a “paying” endeavor.


After speaking with a successful entrepreneur friend, Kris worked on creating the perfect product to tie the two enterprises together. Enter the PupPot—the complete Doggy Cooking System that provides a simple, way to prepare healthy meals, snacks and treats for your best friend. “A lot of time and research went into creating the PupPot,” says Kris. “It’s designed to be easy to use and store, and it’s made from the highest- quality stainless steel and other materials for pet safety and long-term use. I’m very proud of it.”

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